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Personal Profile

Nitido is an initiative of Carolina Borgatti, the idea was born in 2020 after various experiences in Italy and abroad. The office approach is based on simplicity and clarity; proposing a kind of minimalism that does not seek forced modernity, but the acceptance of simplicity. In our projects we seek to reinterpret traditional aspects and we welcome craftsmanship, with the aim of creating atmospheric and intimate spaces.




London Metropolitan University


London Metropolitan University


Politecnico di Milano

During my master degree, I had the opportunity of studying with James Binning from ASSEMBLE and Takero Shimazaki. I graduated with a thesis on “The language of construction” where I investigated the possibility of construction to become a moment of civility in itself, in other words, I have explored how a sense of care and uniqueness can be achieved by the layering of a building. Even though investigations of construction often focus on performance and systems, eventually construction is about appearance. Through this thesis, I discovered how standard construction can achieve a richly associative presence. 

Guided by the architect David Leech, between 2014 and 2015  I gained a second bachelor in architecture. This was the most important year of my academic path since I started understanding architecture not just as an idea that becomes a form but as a stage that builds atmospheres and emotions.

I started my academic path at Politecnico di Milano where I gained a bachelor in architecture; here I developed a sense of space, a passion for cities, a knowledge in theoretical aspects and the capability to develop different concept with a particular environmental sensibility.

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