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Borgo Riccio

Renovation, Ongoing!!!



Borgo Riccio, Parma



This project consist in the renovation of a historical apartment in the centre of Parma. The will of the owner was to connect ground floor and fist floor with an elevator thinking at an elderly life. The house will then host at the ground floor level a laundry and a very atmospheric studio to accommodate little treasure from holidays and some unexpected African art piece.  Here the interventions are not just  decorative moves but space changes in fact we have created a new opening giving direct access to the yard. At the first floor the project can be divided in two parts: the living area and a more private series of rooms. The living area is characterised by an important living with decorate ceilings, here will be placed a new fireplace and around this focal point will be organised the sofa's area and a dining table. In the room which is connecting kitchen to living room will be created a pantry and a dining area for more intimate and informal moments. The following enfilades of rooms are leading trough kitchen, service area and a studio. The typology of the connecting rooms is very typical of hostocrical buildings and we decided to mantain this feature embracing the unusual but strong atmosphere that this typology is leading. Form the studio we can then access two rooms and a very comfortable and bright bathroom. The project is overall designed in the respect of inconsistency, unusual and unexpected situations that an historical house has to offer; so that rather then creating a new mask and covering all the history this space has to offer we have decided to bring all out. Is then evident that almost each room has its own floor its own color and a bit of history to say. 


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