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Via Pizzi


Via Pizzi, Parma

The history of this project stems from renewed needs: an expanding family and the necessity of an extra room.


From a purely compositional/distributive point of view, the house was characterized by a rigid and clear separation between the entrance and the living area, as well as the cooking/dining area. The aim of the project was to create more fluid spaces while obtaining an open and direct view towards the living space. The privacy of the sleeping area is guaranteed by a flush-to-the-wall door that opens onto the hallway. The large double bedroom has been resized, thus obtaining a second room of nine square meters, for the little one of the house. The main bathroom has been renovated with a fresh and young look.


From a decorative point of view, the house represents its active and fun owners. Many pieces of furniture have been recuperated and restored such as the master bedroom and the bathroom chandelier.

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