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Strada Naviglio Alto

New construction

Strada Naviglio Alto, Parma

Simone Belva

This project was born from the attempt to improve the floor plan of a newly built apartment. The proposal presented by the developer did not completely please the client who wanted to fully enjoy the large windows and dreamed of a kitchen with an island. It was therefore decided to create an open space that opens views towards the outside: the kitchen island was designed in such a way that whoever is cooking can interact with whoever is sitting at the table and at the same time see Parma on the horizon. Another important theme of the project was the bedroom which had to be a simple room with adequate storage space, it was therefore decided to resize the room and the bathroom to create a walk-in wardrobe.


From a decorative point of view we opted for simple and elegant choices; in the idea of creating something that was timeless but never boring. So go ahead for wood, marble and warm tones.

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